Reborn Relics Restoration Services


VW Restoration

Reborn Relics specializes in the restoration of classic Volkswagens up to 1979.

Rust Remediation
Regardless where you are the world, rust is one of those issues that has to be addressed correctly. We will personally assist you in ordering the correct replacement panels for your Volkswagen to make sure there will not be any issues down the road. Along with that we follow the modern standard of using rust preventative productions when mounting those new panels, so they will last.

Auto Body
We will massage any dings and dents out of your classic car to straighten it back to went it left the factory. Body filler productions are going to be used in moderation to make everything even, prior to we spray any paint. The time this takes varies drastically by each classic vehicle going through the shop but in the end the quality of the work matters more.

Presently, we do not have our own spray booth and will be renting another facility until the time we will get one installed into the shop. This however will not affect quality or quotes since all jobs in need of paint will be trailer in a 20-foot enclosed, full insulated trailer to the location of the spray booth.