Build-a-Relic Program

 The Build-a-Relic Program is open to Volkswagen and Domestic cars up to 1979 (with some exceptions). All the classic cars on this page must go through the Reborn Relics shop and will not be sold as projects. 

Looking for a particular classic? We might have what you want and we can built it as you would like (Restored or Modified). Below are our list of current "Build-a-Relic" projects which are eligible for this program. Modified builds please add 10,000 CAD minimum to build prices below.

If there is something you are looking for that is not here, that you like us to restore, please contact us. 


1958 Karmann Ghia Convertible

This 1958 Karmann Ghia Convertiable came out of the Okanagan Valley of BC where it spent most of its life there. It is mostly complete with its numbers matching pan and convertible mechanism. However it has a 40hp (1200cc) engine instead of its correct 36hp (1192cc) which it left the factory with. Originally Green, but was repainted red once in its life before being put into primer. As clean as it looks in primer, the metal works needs to be re-done before it can go into bodywork and paint. Only 1400 of these convertibles were made, so this a rare opportunity to own one of these built the way you would like.   

Cost to restore: 84,000 CAD


1971 Karmann Ghia Convertible

This 1971 Karmann Ghia Convertible came out of Okanagan Valley of BC, but has moved around the province during its life. It is complete but instead of having a correct 1600sp engine it is a 1600dp (decent chance it is the same engine). Factory yellow car, repainted twice red in its life. This Ghia has the normal rust needing the lower 6 inches re-done including heater channels. It currently has an aftermarket interior but can be put back to factory. If you ever wanted a Karmann Ghia Convertible with factory IRS suspension and front disk brakes this car is for you.

Cost to restore: 37,000 CAD


1959 Deluxe Beetle

This 1959 Beetle looks worse than it actually is. It is on its number matching pan and has a complete interior. Only missing its engine - but that leaves options available, you could go with a close to factory 36hp or something with more power.  It has the lower 6 inches needing attention, but its heater channels look solid and floor pan halves are all there.  These are getting rarer and more desirable, so if you wanted an early big window beetle, now is here a chance to have one built the way you like. 

Cost to restore: 27,000 CAD


1985 Double Cab

This 1985 DOKA, sold from Bow-Mel Volkswagen in Duncan back in the day. This is not our usual project but it can be built to your liking. Parts have already been ordered and have arrived for this build. Currently it runs and drives, but it needs minor metal work and a repaint. Over all a very clean Double Cab. 

Cost to restore: 27,000 CAD